Post-Synthetic Band

from Kosice, Czech Republic

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About Us

KP58 is a post-synthetic Czech band from Kosice trying to highlight the almost forgotten beauty of brass instruments in a world dominated by electronics. Our band is equipped with a repertoire consisting of arrangements of masterpieces of modern music from timeless bands like Queen, Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson and so successfully targets audiences of all age groups.

Feedback from our first performances in private parties in 2017 has literally forced us to extend our production to the masses. During the summer of 2017, we have gathered bands from Kosice and surrounding areas and organized a small music festival. We could never have dreamed of the creation of a tradition and we are so very pleased that this year, already the fourth year of the family festival Kosi na Vsi will take place. Besides KP58, you can look forward to famous bands from the Czech music scene.

Trumpets: Tomáš Přibyl, Ladislav Ornst, Petr Vrzáň
Trombones: Martin Klouček, Jan Fikejz
Sousaphone: Jan Lochman
Drum Set: Václav Tláskal



+420 739 218 004



Kosice, 503 51
Czech Republic